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Botanical names Other names Family Parts Pharmacology
PAUSINYSTALIA YOHIMBE / YOHIMBE Indole alkaloids: Yohimbine Bark ANDROLOGY: Sexual dysfunction – sexual impotence
PYGEUM AFRICANUM/ PRUNUS AFRICANA Sterols : Phyto sterols (beta sistosterol) etc Bark UROLOGY : Prostrate adenoma – benign hypertrophy of the prostrate
VOACANGA AFRICANA Indole alkaloids: Tabersonine Vincamine, Vinpocetine, Vinburnine, Vincamone Seeds Barks NEUROLOGY: cerebral oxygenation – cerebral senescence disorders – retinal disorders – Alzheimer’s disease
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Botanical names Other names Family Parts
Aframomum citratum African cardamon - Monkey maniguette ZINGIBERACEAE Seeds
Aframomum danielli African cardamon ZINGIBERACEAE Seeds
Aframomum melegueta Grain of paradise - Alligator pepper - Melegueta pepper - African cardamon ZINGIBERACEAE Seeds
Aframomum pruinosium Sweet maniguette - African cardamon. ZINGIBERACEAE Seeds
Aframomum sulcatum African cardamon ZINGIBERACEAE Seeds
Afrostyrax lepidophyllus African garlic tree STYRACACEAE Fruits
Alchornea cordifolia Christmas bush EUPHORBIACEAE Leaves
Baillonella toxisperma Shea butter bush - African pearwood SAPOTACEAE Seeds/Butter
Canarium schweinfurthii African elemi - Bush plum - Incense tree - African canarium - Bush candle tree - White mahogany BURSERACEAE Fruits - Resin
Carapa procera Monkey cola - Crabwood MELIACEAE Seeds / Oil


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